With more and more questions about our engine services rolling in, we decided to try and answer some of them for you before you even ask. Some of our most popular questions we are asked pertain to the services we offer at Laukaitis Racing. Obviously we offer complete 2 cycle engine blueprinting and rebuilding. We also offer complete clutch services such as the rebuilding and blueprinting (regrinding) of both 2 and 4 cycle clutches. We offer complete carb work such as blueprinting, rebuilding, and flowing of all carbs. We specialize in the WB3A and WA55 Walbro carbs mostly found on the Yamaha KT100 engine. We offer a complete dyno service to all of our customers. We mainly use our dyno for research and developement which is then put directly into every engine we service. We do not build special engines for certain customers. Every engine that goes thru Laukaitis Racing receives the same personal touch that we put into our own engines.


Do you work on just the parts of engines rather than just the complete engine?

   Yes we do. We rebuild hundreds of cranks each year for the racers who prefer to build their own engines. We also align bore cylinders for racers and other shops without the capability to do it themselves.

Do you offer machine work for racers or shops such as case truing and head blueprinting?

    Of course we do. We have been doing machine work for other shops and racers since we went into business many years ago. We offer complete case blueprinting, cylinder align boring, porting, and squaring, head blueprinting to your specs, and carb blueprinting. Basically we offer to the racer or other shops anything we offer on our National Level winning engines.

Do you discuss which other kart shops you do work for?

    No we do not. All of our work done for other shops is kept strictly confidential between us and them. We have been doing work for other shops for many years and have a great working relationship with all of them.

Do you do dyno work on other shops engines?

    We will do comparison work for customers who have engine work done by other engine builders. Some customers have 2 or 3 or more carbs that they would like to find the best one and we can gladly accomodate that request. Or if you have 2 or 3 engines and would like to see if one is better than the others, we can do that also.

Can you explain what "blueprinting" a clutch is?

    Yes I can. When a clutch is brand new, it normally does not need blueprinted. After the clutch has been run for a while, the pressure plate and main drive hub surface will start to warp. Also the springs will start to weaken and the pins that hold the weights will start to show wear. This is when a clutch needs blueprinting or regrinding. The term blueprinting means to return it to the state it was when it was new when pertaining to clutches. Engine blueprinting is slightly different.

    We start by disassembling the clutch and inspecting it. This is when we determine if the clutch needs rebuilt or completely blueprinted. All parts are then completely cleaned to see which if any need replaced. We then rebuild the pressure plate assembly with new springs and weight pins and set it up and regrind the pressure plate surface. We always regrind the pressure plate assembly with the springs pre-set so the surface is under spring pressure while grinding. This prevents the surface from warping when the proper pressure is applied. Once that surface is true, we then regrind the main drive hub surface and assemble with the pressure plate assembly and check for proper air gap. The air gap is very important to set correctly so the clutch will operate properly. Once the proper air gap is acheived, we assemble the clutch and get it ready to ship back to the customer. One thing a lot of racers forget is that all the torque from the engine must pass thru the clutch before it gets to the axle. If your clutch is not up to spec, then the best engine in the world can't get you to the front. 

Here is a picture of an HDC-5 clutch after regrinding Pressure Plate and Drive Hub