The Clone package pictured above is becoming the most popular class to get started in karting. We have taken the engine and packaged it with all the parts needed to bolt it on a chassis and have it race ready. All you need is a mount. The mount is not pictured here but is available to fit virtually any chassis on the market today. Give Mike a call for more info on mounts or any other questions you might have to get your package headed your way. Below we have listed the pricing for the package along with the optional engine mount. The Clone is used in both sprint and oval racing.


Part Racer Price
Dupor Engine $124.95
Chain Guard $19.95
Pair 8mm BHCS $1.00
Throttle Kit $24.95
 RLV Exhaust System $59.95
Filter Cup $9.95
Choke Bracket $3.00
Air Filter $11.95
Max-Torque Clutch $57.00
Clutch Hardware Kit $1.00
Fuel Pump and Nozzle $20.95
Total Parts $334.65
Labor To Prep $60.00
Total with labor to prep $394.65
Add PMI Motor Mount $59.95
Total with mount and labor $454.60